Infancy. This is where learning takes root. When all the inquisitive and
exploratory tendencies innate in every baby must be carefully tended to, nurtured
and readied for blossoming. Our infant teachers specialize in infant care and
have a talent for creating bonds with each child through loving and nurturing
interactions. By understanding their unique needs, personality, and schedule;
trust is established, confidence built- and the glimmers of real learning make their
appearance with wide eyes, sweet squeals of delight, and peals of laughter.

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 Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos concentrates on appealing
to what infants respond to most: love, understanding and meaningful interactions
that are positive and nurturing. The comprehensive curriculum provides endless
opportunities for infants to explore their creativity and curiosity. Our Curriculum
is centered on observation, analysis, and creating individualized learning
experiences so that your child can reach their highest potential.

Feeding and personal care.png

As parents, you know best about your infant’s feeding and diapering schedule.
We will work together as a team to develop a plan that meets your infant’s
individual needs. You will be kept apprised of all feedings and diaper changes as
part of our daily parent communication routine. Mothers are welcome to bring in
breast milk for their infants.

Baby Yoga.png

                              BABY YOGA

Gentle movements and stretches for infants as young as 6 weeks old can
seemingly work miracles, improving sleep, digestion, mood and overall health.
Yoga poses and stretches for infants aid in digestion, constipation, and relieve
gas and colic. Yoga reduces stress for babies (yes even babies need to unwind)
and creates balance between strength and flexibility.

Calming Enviorments.jpg

Our infant rooms are peaceful spaces, designed with the happiness and comfort
of your precious infant in mind. Low teacher/student ratios, cribs with pictures of
family and other familiar items help baby feel right at home. During playtime
infants explore inspiring and thought provoking learning materials. Our infant
rooms are shoe-free – for sanitary reasons.

Baby sign language.png

 When you think of it, it’s pretty amazing how adults can communicate with babies
– without saying a word! Every little facial expression, gesture, even the tone of
our voice sends a message- and babies “get it.” To help jumpstart your baby’s
communication skills, we incorporate baby sign language into our daily

Parent communication.png

We know that wherever you are, your infant is first on your mind. “What is he
doing now?” “Is she having fun?” “I hope he’s eating!” “What milestones has she
reached today?” No worries. We’ll continually keep you in the loop. You’ll
receive updates, photos, and ongoing assessments of your infant’s progress and
special moments. We want you to share in our excitement as your baby takes
little steps and great strides.