It’s becoming so very apparent. That soft little bundle of yours is beginning to
emerge as a little person! Their own distinctive personality traits are starting to
shine through. Caught between babyhood and independence, life is still very
much all about them. But their awareness of the surrounding world is starting to
grow. They’re noticing other little ones like them – a future best friend perhaps?
Getting “curious-er and curious-er” about – well, about everything, they’re eager
to get places – and will crawl, bounce, walk and run to get there! What a
miraculous stage they’ve entered. And we welcome every moment with loving

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Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos concentrates on appealing
to what toddlers respond to most: love, understanding and meaningful
interactions that are positive and nurturing. The comprehensive curriculum
provides endless opportunities for toddlers to explore their creativity and
curiosity. Our Curriculum is centered on observation, analysis, and creating
individualized learning experiences so that your child can reach their highest

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 Our monthly themes are developmentally appropriate and based on your
toddler’s interests. Theme-based activities are carefully planned to develop
language, literacy, sensory integration, self-expression, and cooperation.

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 They’re curious creatures at this age. Noticing that they’re not the only ones in
the room, toddlers naturally want to engage others around them. Through group
play and interaction with their friends, our teachers will be there to nurture,
encourage and lovingly guide your toddler into acquiring social skills and habits
that will establish trust, teach an abiding respect for others and start building a
self-confidence they can take with them all through life.

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Oh, what an exciting part of your child’s development this is! Toddlers absorb
language like a sponge and showcase their new communication skills with pride
and humor!  Through story time, songs, puzzles, blocks and dramatic play, our
teachers will help your toddler develop their language skills, recognize letters,
and awaken their phonemic awareness.  Let the chattering begin!

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 Wherever you are, your child is always top of mind. Especially when you can’t
physically be with them. You want to know how they’re doing, what they’re doing,
what progress they’re making. We will keep you in the loop by sharing daily
updates, pictures, and ongoing assessments of your child’s development.

Baby Yoga.png

 Gentle movements and stretches for toddlers can seemingly work miracles,
improving sleep, digestion, mood and overall health. Touch and movement are
the basis for synesthesia – the integration of sensory experiences. Yoga reduces
stress for toddlers (yes even toddlers need to unwind) and creates balance
between strength and flexibility.

nutrious meals.png

A healthy diet and regular activity can stabilize energy, sharpen the mind and
improve mood- allowing children to maximize their potential both inside and
outside of school.  We provide nutritious, delicious, organic snacks and lunch.
Vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options are available.  We are a peanut free