Here come The Twos! You can see their independence taking hold, their
individual personalities blossoming more fully. What a fun and fascinating time to
behold – and to teach. Through individualized educational exercises that appeal
to each student’s love of play and growing need for independence, imaginations
are ignited and new benchmarks are reached in their cognitive, physical,
emotional and social-emotional development. As your two-year-old continues
on their quest of exploration and discovery, we’re there, cheering them on at every
turn, helping them build their confidence as they evolve into their own person.

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 Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos concentrates on appealing
to what two-year-olds respond to most: love, understanding and meaningful
interactions that are positive and nurturing. The comprehensive curriculum
provides endless opportunities for your two-year-old to explore their creativity
and curiosity. Our Curriculum is centered on observation, analysis, and creating
individualized learning experiences so that your child can reach their highest

self help skills.png


 Putting on their coats. Zipping and buttoning. Feeding themselves. Washing their
hands. Cleaning up after themselves. These are some of the independent skills
two-year-olds are ready and eager to learn that will make them feel “grown up.”
We help children develop their self-help skills through play, story time, small-
group activities and daily routines. Becoming more independent will enhance
your two-year-old’s self-confidence.

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 Every child possesses within them many talents and interests. Which ones will
emerge? Sometimes it can be a surprise, but it’s always exciting to see. Two-
year-olds are able to participate in some of our Enrichment Programs, which vary
by location but include foreign language, dance, music, sports, and cooking.
Designed to stimulate and highlight those talents and interests, our enrichment
programs are led by skilled professionals in small group settings.

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The classroom is divided into interest areas that promote the different skills
children will need as they progress academically, such as reading, math,
technology, writing, manipulatives, science, dramatic play, and blocks. During
Free Choice, children select the interest areas that most appeal to them.
Allowing children to make choices promotes independence and reinforces
learning as a positive and exciting experience.

potty training.png

 Potty training may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! When
your child starts showing signs that they are ready, you and our staff will work as
a “training team,” setting out to make progress each day. As with everything else,
every milestone reached will be communicated to you so that training at home
and at school can be bridged seamlessly.

Parent communication.png

Wherever you are, your child is always top of mind. Especially when you can’t
physically be with them. You want to know how they’re doing, what they’re doing,
what progress they’re making. We will keep you in the loop by sharing updates,
pictures, and ongoing assessments of your child’s development.

nutrious meals.png

 A healthy diet and regular activity can stabilize energy, sharpen the mind and
improve mood- allowing children to maximize their potential both inside and
outside of school.  We provide nutritious, delicious, organic snacks and lunch.
Vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options are available.  We are a peanut free